Neo Queen Serenity
Bishoujo senshi sailor moon

GROUP: at Rimini Comics 2009: Mariachiara as Sailor Mars, Annalisa as Sailor Jupiter, Sba as Sailor Venus, Chiara as Sailor Uranus, Sabrina as Sailor Neptune, Elisa as Sailor Pluto, Paolo as Elio, Alfredo as Artemis
at Fumettopoli May 2010: Ayumi as Chibiusa

Mi è sempre piaciuta un sacco Serenity,ma non ho mai avuto l'occasione di poterla cosplayare. Appena Elisa mi accennò l'idea di poter fare un gruppo sailor non mi lasciai sfuggire l'occasione. Ho avuto parecchie sfighe con la parrucca >.<...alla fumettopoli di maggio l'ho riportata con la cara Ayu, con una bella parrucca e con la corona da neo queen

I've ever lied so much Serenity, but i'd never had the opportunity to cosplay her, so when Elisa talked to me about a Sailor Senshi group I decided immediatly to make her cosplay! I was so unlucky with the wig...but the next year I re made this cosplay with my so pretty Chibiusa, a new beautifull wig and the Neo Queen crown!

thanks to Max Vertua and Elisa for the picture

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